Berlin, Germany
Supply chain innovation, aquaponics, Berlin

Supply chain innovation

ECF Farm Systems is an innovative aquaponics project in central Berlin. It produces both protein in the form of fish (in this case study, perch) and greens (in this case study, basil plants). The case study project is directly linked to a national grocery chain for distribution within local markets. In addition to be a working operation, it is also a demonstration site for sales to other locations.

Ecologically, the benefits include closed loop cycling of water and nutrients, and reduced food miles as fish and produce are sold locally. Economically, the project is connected to a national grocery retailer, and so has a reliable distribution network into the regional food system. Socially, the goal is to provide healthy food and job opportunities.

Impact and innovation

Impact on food chain organization / Innovation from private sector

  • Undine Giseke
  • Lucas Hovelmann