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Urban-Driven Innovations For Sustainable Food Systems
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Urban-Driven Innovations For Sustainable Food Systems
One World. Endless Variation of Foodways.
Urban-Driven Innovations For Sustainable Food Systems


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URBAL Main Goal

To build and test a holistic methodology to map all dimensions of urban food system sustainability innovation that gives managers and policy-makers a common overview and methodology of innovation impact pathways.


Urban Food Innovation Labs

The UFILs are the centrepiece of our research project as the sites where the methodology will be tested. The UFILs are located in eight cities including both the Global South and Global North: Baltimore, Brasilia, Berlin, Cape Town, Hanoi, Milan, Montpellier and Rabat.

URBAL is supported by Agropolis Foundation under the reference ID 1507-000 “Investments of the future” program
(Labex Agro: ANR-10-LABX-0001-01) Fondazione Cariplo and Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation

Agropolis Fondation
Cariplo Foundation

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