Public-private platform to market safe food products

Hanoi, Vietnam
Public-private platform to market safe food products, Hanoi

Public-private platform to market safe food products

Vietnam urbanization rate, above 3% per annum, runs among the fastest in South-East Asia. Hanoi capital city (3,6 million urban inhabitants; 7 millions in Hanoi province), undergoes drastic food provisioning and food consumption mutations. Changes include increasing volumes; diet shift towards vegetables and meat; and higher quality requirements. Hanoi peri-urban agriculture faces land use changes (city spatial expansion at 2,8% per year), and soil and water pollution.

In this context, fruit and vegetable retailers and Hanoi municipality have joined forces to implement a marketing platform for certified safe products, called “Our home market” (Cho nhà minh). This platform provides a new market access to urban consuers for producers using limited amounts of external inputs. This platform combines physical sales through urban retail booths, and an electronic sales website. URBAL methodology will help assess its sustainability achievements and potential after its first marketing campaign.

Impact and innovation

Impact on food chain organization / Innovation from public authorities

  • Michael Bruckert
  • Nguyen Thi Sau