Milan, Italy

Public Procurement for school canteen

Milano Ristorazione (MiRi) is a big public company that manages catering for nursery school, preschools, primary and secondary schools in the Municipality of Milan and it prepares meals for elderly nursing homes, elderly at home, disability centers, immigration centers and affiliated private schools, with more than 85.000 meals per day, prepared in 26 centers and 75 kitchens.

The project analyses the organization of MiRi, its activities and innovative projects concerning the improvement of sustainability of the whole food chain of the canteens, with a specific focus on the logistics of the procurement and the distribution. The analysis will focud on the type of food, procurement, logistics, processing, transparency policy, waste management, education, training, governance, food safety and food security police.

Impact and innovation

Impact on food chain organization / Innovation from public authorities

  • Fabrizio de Fabritiis
  • Federico Coniato
  • Giulia Bartegazzi