Hanoi, Vietnam
Long-distance contracts, Hanoi

Long-distance contracts between city and hinterland

Vietnam urbanization rate, above 3% per annum, runs among the fastest in South-East Asia. Hanoi
capital city (3,6 million urban inhabitants; 7 millions in Hanoi province), undergoes drastic food provisioning and food consumption mutations. Changes include increasing volumes; diet shift towards vegetables and meat ; and higher quality requirements. Hanoi peri-urban agriculture faces land use changes (city spatial expansion at 2,8% per year), and soil and water pollution.

In this context, Hanoi municipality recently signed agreements with rural areas far beyond its own administrative borders (22/65 provinces of Vietnam) to operate the “Program on safe meat and vegetables for Hanoi City, 2015-2020 with vision to 2030”, which aims to secure its healthy food supply.

Impact and innovation

Impact on food chain organization / Innovation from public authorities

  • Michael Bruckert
  • Nguyen Thi Sau