Hanoi, Vietnam
Local food and digital technologies, Hanoi

Internet usage in Food provisioning and information

This case study aims to investigate the impacts of urban consumers’ internet usage on the sustainability of the food system, in the context of an emerging economy.

The objective is to scrutinize the effects of internet on food provision and eating practices, according to two dimensions i/ as a marketing channel through direct sales (from producers, retail stores, online retailers, etc.), and ii/ as an information channel to make decisions on food choice and purchases.

Impact and innovation

Impact on consumer practices / Innovation from private sector

  • Estelle Bienabe
  • Nguyen Thi Tan Loc
  • In all Southeast-Asian countries, food systems are facing profound transformations at marketing, processing and distribution levels driven by urbanization and the associated transformation of food consumption patterns in a context of stronger regional integration
    MALICA Markets and Agriculture Linking Chains in Asia