Cerrado Biome in gastronomy

Brasilia, Brazil

Promotion of native species from Cerrado Biome in the gastronomy.

A network of Chefs has recently implemented various actions in order to link food practices in Brasília with the issue of the Cerrado “socio-biodiversity” conservation. Specific plants of the Cerrado biome, harvested and processed by local communities, are used in gastronomic recipes by chefs who seek to strengthen the relationship between gastronomy and Cerrado’s sustainable development. Due to the political activity of the gastronomic actors, the consumption of native products of the Cerrado biome is growing in the restaurants of Brasília.

Impact and innovation

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Impact on consumer practices / Innovation from private sector

  • Ana Paula Boquadi
  • Stephane Guéneau
  • Janaina Diniz
  • Tainá Zaneti


Report- The diagnostic analysis of a network of chefs in Brasilia who promote native species in local gastronomy. (2019)

This report summarizes the diagnostic step of a network of chefs who promote native species in local gastronomy in Brasilia. This report was produced by the research team of Brasilia.

  • More than 10 types of edible fruits are regularly consumed by the local population and sold in urban centers, such as Pequi, Buriti, Mangaba, Cagaita, Bacupari, Cajuzinho do cerrado, Araticum and Barú seeds.

    Ministry of the Environment Government of Brazil