The cooperative supermarket La Cagette

Montpellier, France

Consumer cooperative and cooperative supermarket La Cagette

tLa Cagette is a cooperative of consumers, non-for-profit supermarket in Montpellier. Co-members are all committed to work 3 hours per month and are the unique owners, decisions-makers and clients. Along with several employees, they ensure the operation of the supermarket.

La Cagette aims :

  • to offer a self-managed, participative and accessible to all alternative to traditional mass distribution;
  • to combat food inequalities through offering quality foods at reasonable prices;
  • to build a closer relationship between producers and consumers based on mutual trust and setting up the conditions of a sustainable food.

Impact and innovation

Impact on consumer practices / Innovation from civil society

  • Elie Daviron
  • Olivier Lepiller
  • Our mission is to improve everyone diet, whatever their means and convictions, and to develop a more transparent and sustainable food market.

    La Cagette Founders (TBD)