Marie Josèphe Amiot-CarlinWP1 Leader

Research Director, National Research Institute on Agronomy (INRA), Division of Nutrition, Chemical Food
Safety and Consumer Behaviour.

Amiot MJ (corresponding author), Riva C, and Vinet A (2016) Effects of Dietary Polyphenols on Metabolic Syndrome Features in Humans: A Systematic Review: Polyphenols and Metabolic Syndrome. Obesity Reviews 17: 573–86.
Perignon M, Masset G, Ferrari G, Barré T, Vieux F, Maillot M, Amiot, MJ and Darmon N (2016) How Low Can Dietary Greenhouse Gas Emissions Be Reduced without Impairing Nutritional Adequacy, Affordability and Acceptability of the Diet? A Modelling Study to Guide Sustainable Food Choices. Public Health Nutrition 19, 14: 2662–74.
Peyrol J, Riva C, Amiot MJ (corresponding author) (2017) Hydroxytyrosol in the prevention of metabolic syndrome and related disorders. Nutrients on line.
Amiot MJ (corresponding author), Perignon M, Darmon N, Drogué S, Sinfort C, Verger E, El Ati J and The Medina-Study Group (2017) Promoting sustainable food systems in Mediterranean countries: a framework to implement recommendations and actions. Document on the workshop co-organized by FAO-CIHEAM, in press.
Donini LM, Dernini S, Lairon D, Serra-Majem L, Amiot MJ, et al (2016). A Consensus Proposal for Nutritional Indicators to Assess the Sustainability of a Healthy Diet: The Mediterranean Diet as a Case Study. Front Nutr. 3.

A first work package (WP1) will be dedicated to the transversal and common activities of methodology design, then of exchange of experiences on the feedback of its test, then on a rapid assessment of its usefulness. The main outputs of the team will be documents about the methodology.