Andrea CaloriWP4 Leader

Researcher and Partner, EStà – Economia e Sostenibilità (non profit and indipendent think tank).

Calori A., The connection between local production and consumption: from local social networks to public policies, in press on “European Planning Studies” (2017).
Calori A., Dansero E., Pettenati, G, Toldo A., Urban food planning in Milan and Turin (MI-TO): new spaces and new representations for policies between cooperation and competition, in press on Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 2017.
Calori A., Dansero E., Magarini A., Maggi M., Pettenati G., Urban food geographies. A comparison between “Food Atlases”, in press in the proceedings of the 32° Congresso Geografico Italiano, 2017.
Calori A.. Do an Urban Food Policy needs new institutions? Lesson learned from the Food Policy of Milan toward Food Policy Councils. 7th International Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference Proceedings, Torino, 7‐9 October 2015, edited by Giuseppe Cinà and Egidio Dansero, Torino, Politecnico di Torino, 2015.
Calori A, Magarini A, Food and the Cities. Food Policies for Sustainable Cities, Edizioni Ambiente, Milano 2015.

The methodology will test 4 innovations in various contexts.
The innovations are grouped in WP4 – innovations with direct impact on governance of urban food policy, in order to answer the key questions of WP4:
– to what extent are institutional actors of any kind and role needed for upscaling different urban-driven innovations?
– what are the implications for an institutional re-designing that adopts a multi-level governance perspective?