Baltimore, United States

From the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative to the USCM Food Policy Advisor Network

This task will study the development and evolving governance structure of the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative (BFPI) that was created by the Food Policy Director. BFPI has a three-tiered governance structure that includes 1) multi-agency platform 2) food policy action coalition (Food PAC) and the 3) resident food equity advisors.  Together they address the following two goals:  1. “Establish Baltimore as a leader in sustainable local food systems and 2.“Address health, economic and environmental disparities by increasing access to healthy affordable food in Baltimore City’s healthy food priority areas (aka food deserts). The Food Policy Director co-coordinates the United State Conference of the Mayors (USCM) Food Policy Advisor network that adopted the MUFPP framework as its platform in 2016.

Impact and innovation

Impact on urban food policy governance / Innovation from public authorities

  • Anne Palmer
  • Holly Freishtat


Report - The diagnostic analysis of the Food Policy initiative in Baltimore. (2021)

This report summarizes the diagnostic analysis of the Food Policy initiative in Baltimore. This report was produced by Karen Bassarab and Sonia Sarkar with feedback from Anne Palmer, Holly Frieshtat, Sarah Buzogany and Alice Huang.